The Nature Conservancy describes ecotourism as environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and accompanying cultural features, both past and present) that promote conservation, have a low visitor impact, and provide for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local peoples.

Angkor Zipline is the only permanent ecotourism adventure licensed to operate in Angkor Park and that is in large part because of our commitment to Ecotourism

Ecotourism is distinguished by its emphasis on conservation, education, traveler responsibility and active community participation. Specifically, Angkor Zipline honors this by:

  • Promoting conscientious, low-impact visitor behavior and limiting each group to a maximum of 9 guests.
  • Demonstrating sensitivity towards, and appreciation of, local culture and biodiversity by funding English teachers and supplies for over 100 children and monks daily. Included is a cook for over 50 children a day so they have breakfast daily.Drilling and placement of over 50 water wells for local villages. Solar projects include water filtration and solar power for country school class rooms so students have fans, lights and charging stations for computers.
  • As for nature appreciation, each of our zipline eco-adventures includes a guided nature walk through the jungle. We sponsored a pleated Gibbon release program in Angkor Park. with the Wildlife Alliance and Department of Forestry.

Increased tourism to sensitive natural areas without appropriate planning and management can threaten the integrity of ecosystems and local cultures. We recognize our leadership role and that is why we proudly call our tours eco-adventures.

  • Restrictions can vary for each tour.

    Zipline Tours

    Maximum Weight of 126 kg (276 lbs.). However, our zip lines and rigging systems are engineered to hold much more than this and greatly exceed international standards. Minimum Height of 1 meter (3 feet 3 inches) tall to fill the harness.


    A driving license is required to ride a quad bike, however, exceptions can be made for people without driving license but with experience of riding quad bikes. Quad bikes are automatic, no clutch or gear needed. Two adults can ride on the same quad bike with maximum weight of 130 Kgs. In this case, the driver must have experience of riding a quad bike or pass successfully a driving test with our instructors. The minimum age required is 14. Children younger are welcome to sit with their parents as passengers.

    General Health

    General health and fitness levels vary for each activity. For example, a zipline tour is very exciting, and the ziplining itself is not physically demanding but does require some short hiking and climbing some steep stairs. Pregnant women should not zipline, primarily because you are in a harness. Please consult a medical professional before attempting adventure activities during your pregnancy.


    We recommend our tours for anyone between 5 and 95 in good health.


  • Cancellation Policy

    By submitting your order, you are agreeing to our cancellation policy:

    Cancellation Policy Updated during the COVID 19 outbreak, 

    -48 hours or more prior to the tour date can be rescheduled within 18 months of tour date, refund is not permitted
    – Less than 48 hours prior to the tour date, reschedule or refund are not permitted.