Angkor Eco-Tours take only hours, but some dollars last years

Angkor Zipline shares profits from its Eco-Adventures with those who can’t afford to take a tour. We also want each guest to know the environmental impact of their jungle adventures are limited because we also use a portion of every tour to protect and preserve the jungle inside Angkor Park.

Just this May, inspired by the leadership of two individuals, Bryan and Julia Thomsen, our guests helped bring solar power to the school at Run Ta Ek Village, just 20 minutes outside Siem Reap. This money powered lights, fans and computer charging stations in all classrooms. The lighting will allow the school’s English Program for young adults to include night classes. Over 100 locals each day will learn English because of this effort.

Last year 20, 000 sugar palms were donated to local villagers using guest’ funds. Local villagers received help to clear land, install irrigation and seed on over 10 hex of land to grow much needed food. installation of a solar filtration system for a village of 100 provided clean drinking water for the first time ever.

As for environmental impact, our commitment started even before even one guest did a tour. We used a bolt free system to attach platforms to trees for minimum impact on each tree. No trees are ever harmed at Angkor Zipline. We designed the flow of foot traffic to and from the course to draw attention to the wildlife, fauna and flowers. We maintain trails going in and out, and educate each guest what they are seeing as they pass by. We are diligent about removing trash and materials left by humans any place we see it.

When you take any eco-tour with Angkor Zipline, ask us how your participation impacts the world we all share. You can return home after only those few hours and proudly leave a legacy lasting years.