Angkor Zipline – The Only Zipline in Angkor Park

The only zipline eco-canopy tour inside Angkor Archeological Park, Siem Reap, Cambodia, is Angkor Zipline. The attraction was acquired by Angkor Zip Line, LLC, an international investment group, in 2017.

The attraction was formerly named and owned by Flight of the Gibbon but they are no longer involved. The new ownership group has invested heavily in making the new Angkor Zipline the safest and most thrilling zipline eco-canopy adventure anywhere.

Our commitment is to safety first. Every aspect of the experience is designed to give you maximum thrills, while keeping you safe.

Our mission is to educate each of our guests on the wildlife, trees, flower and fauna found inside the jungles of Angkor. Two Safety Ranger/Guides will accompany each group of a maximum of 9 and assure that you see things and hear sounds you would not possibly experience on your own.