A Closer Look at Our #1 Selling Combination Tour

Guests have been raving about our #1 combination tour, combining our Gold standard full course zipline eco-adventure in the morning and the fun they have exploring  the countryside surrounding Siem Reap in the afternoon via Quad/ATV. Visiting the Wat Athvea Pagoda Complex is one highlight of this tour and we are planning to share some pictures on our Facebook page taken by guests in March. Meantime, here is a little background on the temple to further your enjoyment of the experience.

The pagoda complex is located about six kilometers south of Siem Reap along the road leading to Phnom Krom and Tonle Sap lake and the opposite direction from the road to Angkor Wat, therefore very quiet and far fewer tourists. Constructed in the mid 12th century by King Suryavarman II or members of the nobility the temple faces west, like Angkor Wat, suggesting that it was dedicated to Vishnu. Take some time to stroll around and climb up on the top of tower. The four libraries in the inner enclosure is a unique design at Angkor as they are located at each of the corners. Although other temples such as Phnom Krom and Phnom Bok also employed four libraries in the inner enclosure, in both such cases the libraries were arranged in a row in front of the sanctuary and not at each of the intermediate cardinal points. There are also six Angkor-style devata bas reliefs inside the mandapa that are in good condition as they have been sheltered from the elements.

The temple is in an fair state of preservation as it was restored by the EFEO in the early 1970s just prior to the Khmer Rouge era. Learn more and book this tour HERE