Angkor Zipline

Group Booking

Whether you’re looking for a team building exercise for your staff or a unique and educational activity for your students, we can accommodate you.


Jungle Classroom

Angkor Zipline believes in the value of education. Whether primary schools or university, we provide unique, safe, adventurous, and educational experiences to schools and academic groups.

Students will learn about local fauna and flora, sustainability, responsible tourism, cultural diversity, as well as the history of Cambodia while having the time of their lives zip lining on the treetops of Angkor Archaeological Park! Our highly experienced Safety Rangers will guide your group on a fun and educational zip line adventure tour.

We can work with you to customize and cater to your group learning needs and preferences.

Minimum group size: 18 or more people.

Young Girl on Zipline
Girls on Zipline Platform

Team Building

Corporate Groups

What a way to make an impression on your staff or prospective clients with an amazing day out zip lining! Angkor Zipline is a fun and exciting way to incorporate networking, educating or team building into any staff or corporate event without feeling pressured and creating lasting memories.

Angkor Zipline provides year-round zip line tour youth or adult retreats and children’s events for travelers and residents of all ages,

Minimum group size: 18 or more people

Outdoor Experience

Foodies Tour by Vespa/Zipline

Outdoor Experience

Temple Tour By Vespa/Zipline

Outdoor Experience

Zipline Combo Package with Phare Circus

Outdoor Experience

Jungle to Countryside Angkor Zipline & Quad Bike

Outdoor Experience

Angkor Cycling Temple Tour Half Day

Outdoor Experience

Angkor Cycling Temple Tour Full Day

Outdoor Experience

Cycling Ride and Glide Day Tour

Outdoor Experience

Silver Eco-Adventure Canopy Tour

Outdoor Experience

Gold Eco-Adventure Canopy Tour

Outdoor Experience

Gold Premium Package

Angkor Zipline

Group Bookings

Are you looking for an exciting and unique group activity? Then, look no further than Angkor Zipline. Our eco-tours are perfect for school groups, corporate events, team building exercises, and more.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes and ensure that everyone has a safe and memorable experience.

Whether you’re looking for an education adventure for your students or a fun team building activity for you employees, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to learn more about our group packages and start planning your zipline adventure!