Angkor Zipline recommends you reserve your professional photographer today while booking your zipline tour to accompany you on your amazing journey. We have a limited number of photographers and as we enter our peak season, we expect many time slots to sell out. Go Pro rental continues to be a popular add on to our zipline eco-adventures as well, but we know to fully capture the many spectacular views, the speed of each zipline, images of the jungle flowers, fauna and wildlife and so many other cool things, a pro’s eye is needed.

Photographers are available for the zipline portion of your tour only. It’s affordable and your photographer will capture stunning and wonderful personalized memories of your eco-adventure.

All photos are uploaded to the Google iCloud and sent directly to you to access via your email.
Your photographer will take both posed and action shots, and all is included with these prices: $37.50 for 1-3 persons, $47.50 for 4-6 persons and $57.50 for 7-9 persons.

You will have the option to add it on to any Angkor Zipline Eco-Adventure, whether taking only the zipline or booking one of our popular combo adventure tours. However, the photographers reserved online only join the zipline portion of your tour. You can inquire about photography for other portions of your tour by calling 096-ZIPLINE while in Siem Reap at least one day before your tour, but we cannot guarantee availability.