Top UK Blogger Includes Angkor Zipline in 16 Best Things to Do in Siem Reap

Emily Luxton’s blog is considered one of the best travel blogs in the UK. Her mission is  to get to know the world– and have some fun doing it! She blogs mainly about adventure, food, culture and journeys always focusing on connecting with a new place as deeply and honestly as she can.

Recently you blogged about her journey to Siem Reap at and choose the top 16 things to do other than Angkor Wat.  She loves ziplining, and included Angkor Zipline as the perfect add-on to a temple sightseeing tour. As well as ziplining through the jungle canopy, you can also bounce across three suspended bridges, and even try your hand at an abseil. Cambodia has a lot of travel destinations, Included in her recommendations were also the Angkor Wat Museum, The Old Market (Psah Chas) and at night, Phare Circus.