Angkor Zipline

Cycling Ride and Glide Day Tour

Enjoy a half day bicycle tour in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor Archaeological Park and a Silver Canopy Eco-Tour

A once in lifetime opportunity to experience a world-class zipline inside the UNESCO World Heritage designated Angkor Archaeological Park.

Enjoy a half day bicycle tour in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor Archaeological Park. Experience the Cambodian jungles and briefly visiting a wide range of the ancient infrastructure of Angkor complex. Your experienced Safety Rangers will take you to explore unique bicycle routes and guide you to magnificent hidden sites in the heart of the Angkor Archaeological Park.

With a small group of maximum 10 participants, you will get personalized attention from your Rangers. What is more? You will fly like a bird over Angkor’s rainforests with an unbelievable zip line adventure, soaring and swooping through the treetops under the guidance of world-class staff, who accompany you to ensure your highest safety. You will also learn about the amazing wildlife and fauna within the park. And if the day brings you luck, you may see a family of gibbons playing in the trees nearby our operations site.

General Admission

You will need an Angkor Pass for this tour. Even if you use our transport, you will need an Angkor Pass for the cycling part of this tour.

You must also ensure that you are wearing clothes which cover your knees and shoulders otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the temples. Please also bring your own water bottle for water refills and insect repellent is recommended.

Ticket Price


$ 89.00 + 10% VAT


$ 69.00 + 10% VAT

GoPro Rental

$ 25.00

Photographer Hired

1 - 3 Persons

$ 37.50

4 - 7 Persons

$ 47.50

7 - 9 Persons

$ 57.50


Tuk Tuk

$ 15.00

Toyota Fortuna

$ 25.00


$ 30.00


Above prices are subject to change without notice. All transport is subject to availability. Transport charges will be paid on the day of your tour in cash.

General Admission Tickets are valid for booking date only. See full Terms & Conditions below.

If you are a citizen, proof of eligibility is required on arrival. If you cannot prove your eligibility, you will be charged the difference. 

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Please Pick a Date

    Gold Econ Adventure Canopy Tour

    Outdoor Experience

    Package Inclusions

    This tour includes the following:

    Safety First

    English speaking Safety Rangers.

    Lunch Provided

    Refreshments and a delicious Traditional Khmer lunch set menu.

    Equipment Provided

    All zipline and cycling equipment included & custom fitted.

    Cycling Tour

    Visit the Temples of Angkor Wat

    Fun Guaranteed!

    Once in a lifetime experience.

    Angkor Zipline Map


    T1 - Starting Point

    T1 - Starting Point

    There is staircase going up from ground floor to top platform. Connect to Tree no.2 by Single zip.



    T2 Sky Bridge

    T2 - Sky Bridge

    There 2 level platforms from the bottom platform going up by staircase to top platform (Best shoot for group photo). 


    Sky Bridge

    T3 - Sky Bridge / Single Zip

    This is one of outstanding platform in the whole course. You will see 3 platforms that connect from bottom part by Sky bridge from top platform tree number 2 to Tree number 3 bottom platform. Once your reach to top platform of Tree number 3 it is one of highest platform in silver Course est. high 35m off the ground. And it is the best shoot single photography. DON’T MISS IT


    T4 Single Zipline

    T4 - Single Zipline

    This is one of longest zipline in Silver course Package.


    T5 - Single Zip

    T5- Single Zip.

    This is the longest zip in the Silver course. You will feel adrenaline through this Zip by length of it. This Zip connected by Tree number 4 andTree number 5 by Single zip est. 135m long. 


    T6 - Honeymoon Zipline

    T6 - Honeymoon Zipline

    This is a single platform connect from Tree number 5- Tree number 6 by double zipline. Customer will be allowed 2-person ride on this zipline. 


    T7 Sky Bridge

    T7 - Sky Bridge

    Single platform connected from T6-T7 is Spider-Man bridge and connected from T7-T8 is sky bridge.


    T8 Abseil

    T8 - Abseil

    This is the end of the Silver Course. Abseil back to the ground!


    T9 Super Zip

    T9 - Super Zip

    There 4 level of platform on this tree and it is one of the best platforms on the whole course. It is connected from Tree number 8 to bottom of Tree number 9 by Sky bridge and all the way to top platform it is one of longest Zip in the whole experience.


    T10 - Super Zip

    Platform #10

    This is one of the longest zipline in Gold Course. Connected from T11-T12 by Single zip.


    Super Zip

    T11 - Super Zip

    This is one of the longest zipline in Gold Course. Connected from T11-T12 by Single zip.


    T12 - Super Zipline

    T12 - Super Zipline

    This is one of the longest zipline in Gold Course. Connected from T11-T12 by Single zip.


    T13 - Single Zip

    T13 - Single Zip

    Connected from T12-T13 it is quite short but you will be getting ready for good short of single photography.


    T14 Abseil

    T14 - Abseil

    This is the end of the Gold Course. Single platform connect from T13-T14 by single zip and finish by Abseil descent.

    Angkor Zipline Map

    Outdoor Experience

    Course Details

    8am - Arrive at the Angkor Zipline Site

    8:30am - Silver Zipline Canopy Tour

    10:30am - Cycling to Ta Prohm Temple

    12:30pm - Lunch Break

    1:30pm - Resume Bike Tour

    1:30pm - Cycling from East Gate (Victory Gate) to the North Gate of Angkor Thom

    2:30pm - Preah Khan Temple

    3:30pm - Tanei Temple and Return to Starting Point

    Outdoor Experience

    Zipline Combo Package with Phare Circus

    Outdoor Experience

    Jungle to Countryside Angkor Zipline & Quad Bike

    Outdoor Experience

    Angkor Cycling Temple Tour Half Day

    Outdoor Experience

    Angkor Cycling Temple Tour Full Day

    Outdoor Experience

    Silver Eco-Adventure Canopy Tour

    Outdoor Experience

    Gold Eco-Adventure Canopy Tour

    Outdoor Experience

    Gold Premium Package

    About us

    The Gold Eco-Adventure Canopy

    Activity Information


    You need an Angkor Pass if:

    You arrange your own transport.
    You are taking a cycling tour.
    You want to visit temples after your zipline tour.

    You do not demand an Angkor Pass if:

    You are only ziplining and not cycling AND you use our transportation service.

    Our transportation starts from $15 for a tuk tuk and can be booked along with your tour tickets.

    Maximum Weight of 125 kg (275.5 lbs.). Minimum Height of 1 meter (3 feet 3 inches) tall to fill the harness.

    Recommended for 5 years and older.

    If booking less than two days before your desired tour time, please call.

    Estimated 1 to 1.5 hours in the treetops and approx. 3-4 hrs total tour time from pick up to drop off depending on group size.

    Pregnant women are not allowed to zipline unless a physician release is provided.

    Ask about our special pricing for Cambodian citizens and Work Visa holders.

    Anyone with a heart condition or unable to climb stairs or walk short distances without assistance cannot zipline.

    Cancellation Policy

    Prior to 7 days – Full refund.

    7 days to 24 hours – 50% refund.

    24 hours or less – No refund.

    *A 5% + $1USD bank transaction fee must be charged for any cancellation, at any time.