Travelling with Kids and Ziplining


This Blog is excerpted from a Blog written by Sal & Co at  We thank them for the awesome write-up. It’s loaded with pictures, video and ideas, and best of all, as they concluded, “We loved zip lining, the video’s say it all. It’s a great family friendly activity that people of all ages can enjoy.”

Angkor Zipline in Siem Reap is located within the Angkor Archeological Park, the home of 1000 year old ruins of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and many other famous temples. It is the only zip line experience in the world to be held in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site was engineered by ziplining experts and meets stringent world safety standards.

This adds up to at least 2 hours of ziplining adventure depending on your group size and level of fitness.  We took a little bit longer as we had 5 children in our group, 3 were ours and the other 2 were with the family that was partnered with us for our ziplining experience. Our guides, Sophal and Tida, were amazing with the kids, they had them doing the ‘look mum no hands’, flapping like birds and pretending to be the Kungfu Panda all mid-flight! They were meticulous with checking their helmets, harnesses and checking and double checking when they were clipped on. They were double clipped to the line with a safety line as well which gave me more confidence that everything would be ok.

Bring your kids over the holidays when school is out. It is an experience they (and you) will never forget!